Monday, May 2, 2011

Portrait Society of America Donated Painting

The Portrait Society of America held its annual Art of the Portrait event last weekend in Atlanta - one of the most popular events is the Six-by-Nine event, where about 200 artists are invited to paint a small work on a 6" x 9" canvas - of any subject. Paintings are sold at a fixed price, and proceeds go toward the charitable educational activities of the PSA. Attendees are given a fixed time-frame to "bid" on the painting of their choice - but the paintings are only signed only on the back, so it's a surprise to find out who painted the canvas you bought!

Here's my little painting, Jordyce, lovely child and beautiful model. As I was unable to attend this year's conference, I don't know who took her home:)


  1. Chris,
    I took Jordyce home!!! She's beautiful and I'm enjoying her so much. I love the warm and cool tones of her skin and the honest and expressive look on her face. Thank you so much for making this incredible painting. I started painting about five years ago and your book was the first one that I bought.
    Lisa Seago

  2. Dear Lisa, I am so happy you're enjoying your little painting! I hope to be able to meet you in person at next year's conference (my new book will be out by then). Happy painting to you:)