Sunday, May 26, 2013

OPA Fredericksburg, TX

It's not really possible to describe the impact of the experience at the Oil Painters of America exhibition...what a sea change.

It all started with breakfast at the first plein-aire painting site, at the Lady Bird Johnson state park. Of course first thing was a little equipment glitch which was remedied with Gorilla tape...not much to report on that day except that I met some really excellent plein-aire painters and took a wonderful hike along a riverbed. And it all got better from there.

The exhibit was FABULOUS and so many of my favorite painters were there to meet, and whose work I was able to see in person for the first time. Insight Gallery, Whistle Pik, and RSHanna galleries are in Fredericksburg,; honestly there is more fine art ( that means really "fine") in this little community than is imaginable. Bill Whitaker's (some of you may know that he is my mentor and hero) paintings were a Whistle Pik - all were Wows.

I got the chance to watch (OK, make that inveigled) teaching demos from artists Marc Hanson  and Kirk Larsen. Thanks so much to both of you:)

Demos by Kenn Backhaus, John Cosby, John Michael Carter, Scott Burdick, Sherrie McGraw Elizabeth Robbins peppered the weekend with inspiration. After the award ceremony, I was fortunate (er make that bold) enough to crash a post -event creekside gathering. CW Mundy on the banjo, the Mayor of Franklin TX on guitar, Kirk Larsen on blues harp...with Kenn Backhaus, Scott Burdick, Sherrie McGraw, Ken Cadwaller, Bryce Cameron Liston, John Michael Carter, Jacqueline Kamin, Marian Howard...I'll tell you, it just doesn't get any better than this.

This was my first venture outside the portrait artist world, and the artists here were every bit as kind, generous, and friendly as in the portrait sphere.

Above, with artist Steven Daluz,(whom I'd only known on Facebook before) in front of my still life, Golden Ribbon . Below with artist Marc Hanson.

Above, Sherrie's gorgeous demo of OPA President Neil Patterson.Below, Kenn Backhaus's demo

Above, Mike Carter's killer demo.

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  1. Great artwork if those are demos love to see the finished project. Looks like a crowded event how many were there? What was the theme of the gallery?