Sunday, January 26, 2014

Percy, life study, oil 18 x 14

Have I mentioned lately how much I love painting at the Mountain Artists' Guild Open Studios?

Dorothy Ray brought in another wonderful model, Percy, who is a portrait/figurative painter himself.

Here are the in-process step pics I took during the session.

Ignore the color notes on the lower left - I painted over a previous demo, having reconditioned the canvas with a fairly thick layer of Holbein's Foundation Greenish. While it covered the underlying paint, the surface was very slick, so that getting the paint, especially the first layer to stick was a challenge. And of course in a 3 hour session, nothing dries so I had to fight my 'direct' tendencies - light touch isn't something that comes naturally to me at the easel.

Percy was lit from the upper right with a color-corrected (probably 5500 K) artificial light, augmented by a very delicate natural blue light coming in from our left.


  1. Really, really nice. It looks like the slick surface made for some really interesting textures.

    BTW, just found you. Your portraits look great. I also have a weekly open studio that I try to get to on a regular basis. New to fine art painting but trying to learn.

  2. Thanks for touching base, Chris! Working from life is the way to make the best and fastest prgress:)