Thursday, February 27, 2014

Three Days in Manhattan

Early Sunday morning after the CSOPA event, I was rescued from the confusion of public transit by Joel Spector, who was leaving CT at the crack of dawn to travel to the Art Student's League of New York, where he paints each week with Max Ginsburg. I kind of elbowed my way in and was lucky enough to  find an empty easel and Max's OK to paint with the group.  My life study of Rachel ...

My artist friend Kerri Gibbs graciously welcomed me into her home and we had couple of days to play in the big first trip to the Frick Museum (wow), and I was so completely delighted to spend a couple of hours in the studio of one one my lifetime heroes, Burton Silverman - as direct and elegant as the man himself. Burt will be one of the artists I will paint as part of my Artists Portrait Project.

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