Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Prescott Workshop - great fun!

I had a wonderful group of students last week for my annual summer workshop in the mountains of Arizona "For Love or Money: Portraiture and the Pursuit of Excellence" - the best part is that I can't tell you much I learned.

We had live models on Monday and Wednesday, Julie under a warm light, and Percy under a cool light - I wanted everyone to have the chance to explore ways paint extreme differences in skin tones.

Above, Anne, who came all the way from New Zealand for my class, lays in her portrait of Percy.

On Tuesday and Thursday we completed the previous day's portraits from photos - understanding how to get excellent photo references is a key part of this course.  Below, Bonny works from her monitor and Patty checks her work by viewing both photo and painting upside down.

Below, some of my students' wonderful work!

 During the last hour of each day, discussions and visual presentations focused on the business aspects of portrait painting.

And of course our week's end group photo - thank you all for being part of this class!

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  1. Chris - the workshop was excellent. The content was great and your teaching was clear and concise, and, importantly fun! I have wanted to attend your workshop for a couple of years and finally I managed it! I was not disappointed! I feel now that I have the skills to work towards my portrait business. Thank you for that.

    What a lovely group of ladies, so friendly and supportive of one another.
    We loved our time in Arizona, and Prescott is an exceptionally friendly and hospitable town. We made some lovely new friends there.

    A very enjoyable and worthwhile trip for us

    From downunder