Friday, August 22, 2014

Painting the Lovely Julie - Six step all prima portrait study

How lucky was I this morning to find that Julie was modeling at the Mountain Artists' Guild Open Studio!?
Julie modeled for my recent Prescott workshop and although I didn't get to paint her, I did have benefit of studying her face from many angles, over many hours' time. Below is my morning study.

Step 1: Size and place the head. Drawn with Raw Umber, thinned with a bit of Gamblin's Solvent-free Gel Medium.

Step 2: Separate light and shadow; commit to the background.

Step 3: Block in general skin tones, one for light and one for shadow.

Step 4: Add some detail to the features.

Step 5:  Develop the forms of the face and hair, and continue with detail.

Step 6: Refine transitions, correct drawing mistakes, run out of time:)

Julie, oil, 20 x 16