Friday, May 23, 2014

May 23, 2014 Demo, Mountain Artists' Guild, Prescott AZ

More details after the demo...but in the meantime, for those in attendance who did not get a handout, here it is:

Key Steps to Painting the Portrait from Life

1.      Define the color of light
2.      Pose and Light the model
3.      Place the subject on the canvas
4.      Size the head
5.      Establish vertical relationships
6.      Establish horizontal relationships
7.      Separate light from shadow
8.      Commit to the background
9.      Paint the darks as a value layer
10.   Paint the lights and middle values
11.   Refine the details and state the edges

Here is the quick - and wow! do I mean quick! demo - my beautiful subject gave me modeling time on her birthday! 


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  1. You are simply amazing!!
    The above quick demo is outstanding!!