Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Workshop Syllabus - 4 days

I had a request to repost the syllabus for my upcoming workshops:)

“For Love or Money: Portraiture and the Pursuit of Excellence” Four-day Syllabus
Chris Saper copyright 2003-2014

Day 1:     A.    Overview of Course
1. Introduction to your Business Plan
2. Introduction to Kelvin temperatures: tungsten, regular incandescent, fluorescent, and natural light options
3. Likeness and accuracy – The relative or brush- sizing method
4. Posing the model           
Instructor demonstration: Beginning the portrait –the seven-inch head- seeing  and mixing color; photographing the model
6. Painting the model in cool light
7. Photographing the model in cool light
8. Color, value and edge notes
Student painting – beginning the portrait - mixing and painting color notes; photographing the model
9. Preparing the photo reference: Sizing, scaling and proportion
                 B.    Business lab: Determining your business identity

Day 2:    A.    Painting lab: Morning session (Instructor demo optional)
1.     Photographing the model in warm light
2.     Beginning the portrait , making color notes
B.             Business lab:
1.     Developing your portfolio
2.     Pricing your work
3.     Presenting and showing your original work

Day 3:    A.    Painting Lab: Morning session
                                1. Power Point: Breaking the Chains of Photo Slavery
2. Painting from photographs, cool light- continuing Monday’s portrait
                 B.    Business lab:
1. Presenting your artwork effectively in visual media and shows
                                                Photographing your artwork; Preparing slides for shows and competitions
                                                Submitting your original artwork to shows and competitions
2.     Preparing your resource photographs
Adjusting photo size; Making the print
Day 4:    A. Painting lab: continue portrait from Tuesday – interpreting the photograph
1.     Composition and Value Massing
2.     Designing and Executing the multiple subject portrait

B.     Business lab:     Copyright & documentation; client relations; marketing

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