Monday, April 4, 2011

Time- limited Price Promotion through June 1, 2011

After spending the past six months writing nearly 30,000 words of text and creating more than 300 images for my upcoming book, "Mastering Realistic Skin Tones in Portraiture", I can't wait to get back to my first love - creating original oil portraits for families and executives nationwide.

Savings represent about 20% for each subject painted in oil, generally about $1500 per portrait.

I'll be taking only six commissions at the special rate - actually five as of last week after I received a new contract.

The price promotion for commissioned oil portraits is one I particularly designed to encourage both new and repeat clients to move forward with portraits they've been considering for some time. For many families, the tradition may be to paint the child at a preschool age, for others, graduating from college. Sometimes families will want each child to be painted at the same age, so their timing is somewhat narrow.

The savings will also allow many who have been considering a portrait at a certain composition or price point portrait to select a larger, more complex painting.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Workshop: For Love or Money: Portraiture & the Pursuit of Excellence

Understanding the concepts of pricing, marketing, and presenting artwork effectively can be overwhelming for many fine artists. I'll be bringing my background in strategic planning, marketing and client relations to the art classroom this month, teaching the course, "For Love or Money:Portraiture and the Pursuit of Excellence". April 11-14 at the Scottsdale Artists' School . Hope to see you there!