Monday, May 2, 2011

Portrait Society of America Donated Painting

The Portrait Society of America held its annual Art of the Portrait event last weekend in Atlanta - one of the most popular events is the Six-by-Nine event, where about 200 artists are invited to paint a small work on a 6" x 9" canvas - of any subject. Paintings are sold at a fixed price, and proceeds go toward the charitable educational activities of the PSA. Attendees are given a fixed time-frame to "bid" on the painting of their choice - but the paintings are only signed only on the back, so it's a surprise to find out who painted the canvas you bought!

Here's my little painting, Jordyce, lovely child and beautiful model. As I was unable to attend this year's conference, I don't know who took her home:)

Body World, Artists' Sketch Night

Last week I attended one of three artists-only private sketch nights at the Body Worlds exhibit at the Arizona Science Center. What an extraordinary opportunity to study and draw internal anatomy! The event ran from 6pm - 9:30 - I'd estimate that there were about 20 artists in attendance, in a completely quiet, soft-lit atmosphere.

The last artists' night for this exhibit is May 12 - I hope that portrait and figurative artists valley-wide will turn out for this event!The exhibit travels to other US cities as well as abroad, so you can check the link so see if's coming to your area.