Sunday, November 22, 2015

Portraits Inc Workshop, Birmingham, AL

My thanks to everyone at Portraits Inc, and especially to workshop coordinator Laura Murphey for making the experience so great for us all!

We had the chance to try out my new workshop syllabus, which involved a Day One morning monchrome oil demo, with students painting their portraits from life in monochrome oil and Torrit Grey, if they chose. Wonderful samples again provided courtesy of the Gamblin folks - thanks Dave and Scott:)

I liked this format quite a lot, warming up with an oil monochrome, then painting from the live model again the second day, but in color. There were eleven students (one had to drop out at the last moment) and plenty of room in the portrait gallery for 11 easels and two live model set-ups.

You can tell they are focused by their stance!

The workshop was followed by the "Down South" Portraits Inc meeting, with artists and sales associates, coinciding with a terrific show and a packed house at the adjacent Beverly McNeil Gallery.

If you are in Birmingham, be sure to stop by to see the portrait and fine art galleries, pick up a "tiny treasure" painting, or commission a portrait!

And remember: